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The Love (Mop) Story, Or How Our Sex Towels Were Born

The Love Mop is a small family business based in Seattle, WA.  We’re just regular people, and for years we’ve been doing what everyone else does right after sex -- groping around for something to mop up with, trying not to spill, bickering about what should be used.  Then one day he said “You know, we should have a dedicated towel that we keep around by the bed so we don’t have to keep using my t-shirts.”

Wow.  Of course!   How simple.

Well except when we started looking for the appropriate kind of thing, nothing was quite right.  Washcloths were too small, hand towels too big, and the texture wasn’t quite right.  They were made to absorb water, and we were looking to clean up… well, you know what we wanted to clean up.

And so The Love Mop Sex Towels were born.

We took creation of The Love Mop very seriously.  We didn't want to just make another novelty item, something to be given as a gag gift, maybe raise a few laughs and then promptly discarded.  The world is full of such cheaply made gag gifts that end up in landfills, and we didn't want to add another one.  We wanted to create sex towels that are highly functional, attractive and become a part of people's sexy play, a fun and useful tool.

We are both engineers and so we took an engineering approach to building the perfect sex towel.  Here is how we did it.

Step 1: Decide on the type of fiber to use

Microfiber has been very popular lately, for all sorts of applications.  What started out as an advanced car washing fabric is now making its way into even personal care items, such as towels.  It's easy to see why - it's cheap and it's got some serious marketing and advertising power behind it.  And now days there are all kinds of different textures available that make microfiber terries feel soft and plush.  So we tried.  But for all it's seeming softness microfiber still remains exactly what its name suggests -- tiny little plastic fibers woven together into a fabric.  And while those tiny micro fibers are great for polishing cars or windows, they can be pretty abrasive on human skin.  It's ok if you just want to pat yourself dry, but you definitely don't want to be rubbing yourself with a microfiber towel.  And since sex towels are made to be used on your most sensitive and delicate parts, microfiber is a big no-no.  Not to mention, turns out microfiber is terrible for the environment . This would've been a deal breaker for us, even if microfiber was a suitable material otherwise.

So -- Cotton.  100% Cotton, all the way Cotton. Only pure cotton is soft and absorbent while being perfectly safe for all your most delicate body parts. Oh, and is easy on the environment.

Step 2: Find the perfect terry texture for our sex towels 

First, we had to learn the towel lingo and different towel attributes.  Double yarn, single yarn, terry weave, loop terry, dobby, jacquard, fabric weights that are measured in GSM -- grams per square meter.  GSM is how you figure out the the heft, or the weight of your towel, how thick and heavy it is.  Once we figured out what all of these terms and options mean, we got ourselves a whole bunch of towel samples from several towel factories and started experimenting and designing.  

Sex Towels samples we evaluated

We tried, tested and evaluated over 20+ different styles and combinations of yarns, sizes, finishes, borders.  We tested, bugged our friends for their opinions and obsessed until we came up with just the right thing: 450 GSM double yarn terry that works AMAZINGLY well to soak up you-know-what, while being soft and gentle on you.  Just trust us on this -- it’s like magic, you’ll be wondering “where did it all go?”

Step 3: Figure our the right size

All towels need to be the right size for the job, and sex towels are no exception.  After much experimentation and polling our focus groups, we figured out the perfect size for The Love Mop: 25"x12", bigger than a washcloth, smaller than a regular hand towel.  Just right!

Step 4: Make the Sex Towels cute, inviting, and easily distinguished from your other towels

Now that we figured out the right specs to make our sex towels highly functional and performant, we also wanted to make them fun and playful.  We wanted to make sure you can easily tell them apart from your other towels, so it needed a cute and fun logo to put on the towels.  Check out our first attempt at the logo, designed by an engineer :)

 First version logo for The Love Mop Sex Towels -- a bucket and a mop

Of course we quickly wised up and hired a professional, who also happened to be our old high school friend.  We iterated and iterated, until we got just the perfect thing, our super cute and fun Love Bucket.  It has a universal appeal -- at a recent trade show a lady got drawn to our booth purely by the logo, she was gushing about how cute and fun it was, before she even realized that we were selling sex towels!  She bought 4.

Step 5: Figure out the packaging

Our goal is to make high quality sex towels a regular commodity, part of everyday life.  After all, you have to use something, so we want you to use something really nice!  Because the product and even the concept itself is relatively new, The Love Mop is still a bit of a novelty item and a lot of people buy them as gifts or special treats for themselves and their lovers.  So we wanted to make sure our packaging is attractive and our sex towels are ready to be given as gifts.  The first iteration of our packaging is a Kraft envelope, that you can still find on Amazon.  We love it, and our customers love it, but for various reasons we decided to move to a Kraft box instead of an envelope.  It's a little easier to wrap, and works much better for retail displays.  Our Kraft gift box has a clear plastic window to show off the Love Bucket logo, and has the right kind of dimensions and heft to convey the cute and fun spirit of The Love Mop.

So there you have it, our journey from conception "Hey, we need some sex towels!" to the finished product.  We think it turned out quite well, wouldn't you agree?  The Love Mop will let you enjoy sex a little more, let you enjoy your partner a little more, give you another way to connect in a pleasant and fun way.  Enjoy!


The Love Mop sex towel in a gift box