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Love gets messy. Luckily, there is The Love Mop!

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The Love Mop® is the only premium cotton towel purposely created to clean up after sex.

Sex is pretty special. Sex is fun. Cleaning up after Sex should also be fun and special. It should be part of the play, and there is nothing playful about baby wipes. Or a boring old washcloth.

You want to be using something fun, fluffy, soft, and oh-so-very-absorbent. You want to be using The Love Mop!

The Love Mop Features

The Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel

100% Soft Natural Cotton

When it comes to this most intimate towel, only the softest, gentlest natural fiber will do.  The Love Mop is made of 100% cotton because only cotton provides superior absorbency while being completely safe and comfortable on your skin and your most sensitive parts.

The Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel

Special Double-Yarn Weave

We tried and tested over a dozen different types and weights of yarn and terry cloth weaves, until we've settled on the perfect 450 GSM double yarn terry that works AMAZINGLY well to soak up you-know-what, while being soft and gentle on you.

The Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel in gift box

The Perfect Gift

The Love Mops come in sexy kraft boxes, ready to be given as gifts.  Treat your lover, treat your friend, treat yourself.  And whatever you do, don't forget to bring some to that Bridal Shower!

The Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel

All the little details

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